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YourBarMate is your web app that allows you to always keep track of all your bars and beverage storages.

It automates your work processes, creates control mechanisms, supports you in operational management, takes a close look at your existing work processes and helps you to save time and money efficiently.

Your Advantages

  • Digital, central system
  • Automatised processes and orders
  • Effective control mechanisms
  • Less effort
  • Improved workflow

Thanks to the web-based user interface, all information and work processes are available and can be used at any time, even offline. No matter if on mobile phone, tablet or laptop, you are always up to date. You also don't have to worry about backups and updates, YourBarMate is taking care of everything, thanks to the cloud.

Who is it for?

  • Management / Owner

    You always have an overview and you can follow every movement, even during opening hours. You have access to all relevant data and evaluations, no matter where you are.

  • Inventory Logistics

    You can check the current stock in real time online and generate and take a new order at the push of a button. It can be that simple.

  • Bartender

    You can only type in the current stock and the next you can start again. From now on it is easy to finish work after a long shift.

  • Runner

    You don’t have to work with confusing notes anymore. To bring supplies was never so easy.

  • Host / Shift Supervisor

    You have everything under control! With just one click you can start working and coordinating. The timeline always shows what is happening right now.

YourBarMate Cycle

YourBarMate connects your logistics work processes in one central system.

  • Ordering

  • Delivery

  • Move to storage

  • Move to bar

  • Analysis

  • Controlling



  • Mini Package 1 CHF per day 365 CHF, invoiced annually.

    The Mini Package provides you with the essential functions, for 1 CHF a day! If you need more features, you can upgrade to the basic package at anytime.
  • Basic Package 99 CHF per month if invoiced annually,
    119 CHF if monthly
    (incl. 15% discount, excl. VAT)

    In the Basic Package two locations (e.g. bar, storage) are already included. All features of YourBarMate are part of the Basic Package. If you start using YourBarMate in Spring 2019 there is a 15% discount (Basic Package + additional locations).
  • + Location 32 CHF per month if invoiced annually
    38 CHF if monthly
    (incl. 15% discount, excl. VAT)

    You can add unlimited additional locations to your Basic Package. This means that you only pay as much as your business really requires. The same applies for the duration. You can also add more locations monthly.